No – We simply charge a minimum charge which includes the first 30 minutes labour onsite.

We offer a $5 discount per 15 minutes for pensioners.

Yes – All jobs deemed as urgent will be attended to on the same day.

Same day service for emergencies and 24-48 hours max for all other standard bookings.

We service from Two Rocks to Falcon and even further east.

There is no job too big or too small for Plumbing Bros.

We recommend purchasing tapware & fixtures through us as to avoid any future warranty issues down the track should they arise.

Yes – we perform all gas fault finding, servicing and installation.

If we have previously unblocked a drain and retrieved tree roots from the drainage system, this would indicate a crack in the pipework somewhere. We would have previously provided you with the option to camera inspect or provided a fixed price for drainage repair. If this was not accepted, then we cannot be held responsible for future blockage. If, however this was not the case and your drain blocked up again within 3 months, we will reattend for no additional charge.

All works are covered by a 3-month cooling off workmanship warranty. After 3-months, re-attends will be deemed non-workmanship faults unless proven otherwise, in which case you will receive a mandatory 6 year installation warranty. All product warranties are provided as per the manufacturers specification which we can supply on request.

All minor plumbing works performed in WA such as tap & toilet servicing are logged on a ‘minor works certificate’. This includes 25 jobs per page. There is no legal obligation to provide a copy of this, however we are more than happy to do so upon request. For major works such as hot water system installations and below ground drainage works more than 6 meters, we can provide you with a major works certificate.

Yes – We are the leaders in leak detection and repair. We have state-of-the-art machinery to assist us with leak detection.

Each vehicle is stocked with over $5,000 worth of stock. This will cover 80% of possible scenarios. If we require a ‘non-stocked item’ then there is always a supplier within a 15-minute drive.

We specialize in plumbing only. However, we are partnered with the following: Electrician for electric hot water systems and electric cooking. Tiling & waterproofing company for shower leaks. Kitchen & bathroom renovation specialists.

All receipts are electronically emailed. If you haven’t provided an email address to the office or plumber, please feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to forward this to you.

Unfortunately, yes we do. We simply pass on what our merchant (eWay) charges us. This being 1.8% of the transaction plus a 20-cent transaction fee. We do not have ‘debit card’ facilities, therefore all transactions from your card are deemed as ‘credit’ and will incur the above fees.

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