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Gas Leaks Plumbers

At Plumbing Bros. we have fully qualified gas technicians should you ever encounter a situation where you can either small gas, have a gas leak or if ATCO have isolated your mains due to a leak. Finding a gas leak can be a time-consuming procedure, due to the fact we cannot physically see the leak we can-not give a time-frame on how long the leak will take to find. Therefore, we charge our standard rates when dealing with gas leaks unless stated otherwise.

Gas Leak Procedure

  • Remove gas “U-bend” and cap off gas up-right stand with brass cap
  • Connect onto test nipple with either a digital manometer or water manometer, pumping the pressure to the gas system up to a minimum of 5Kpa
  • For a minimum of 5 minutes test pressure. Should there be no visual drop in pressure then there is NO leak present. If after 5 minutes the pressure has dropped, this means there is a leak present somewhere on the gas line and it must be rectified before gas is turned on
  • When a gas leak is present: Any visible joints such as nuts, isolation valves, fixtures such as bayonets and cooktops need to have soapy water applied. If a gas leak is present from one of these connections it will bubble and show up.
  • Should the previous step not show the gas leak the next step will be isolating each fixture separately and then testing the gas to see whether the appliance itself has an internal leak.
  • Failing the previous step, we will then (depending on where the gas line has been run) cap off different sections of the gas line, this will determine which section of the gas line is leaking and once found we will quote to renew a certain section OR repair leak if accessible.
  • Once a gas leak is repaired: Once a gas leak is repaired we will fully test the system, then purge all air from the line from the furthest fixture.
  • Re-light any hot water units and test all gas appliances to make sure all are working
  • Fill out all regulatory gas paper-work and give to client

On rare occasions where the gas line is not accessible to cap off and test or on occasions where it would not be cost effective to locate and repair the leak, we will advise the owner of the most cost-effective solution and quote accordingly. Should this be the case, the client will always be notified prior to proceeding with any works.

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