When it comes to the water leak detector Doubleview, any pipe with a diameter greater than 40 mm can be inspected over several tens of meters. It can detect breakage due to collapse, the presence of foreign bodies or tree roots that prevent the proper flow of water.

Benefits of our drain pipe camera in Doubleview include:

– Accurate and precise location of leaks

– Visualization and recording of any defects present

– No invasive or destructive intervention involved

– Precise diagnosis, minimizing extensive repair work

– Targeted intervention

– Significant savings due to the minimisation of interventions required

– Limited disruption

The water leak detector device uses a drain pipe camera to locate the presence of any leak, obstruction or break. The inspection is reviewed on a monitor and recorded by video. We have the latest, most advanced, equipment for colour video cameras and flexible endoscopes for these inspections, allowing for the detection and repair of any plumbing leaks by our experts in Doubleview.

When the drainage system is in a poorly maintained or damaged condition, it can also cause irreparable damage to a home. Damaged or leaking pipes can result in real stress and financial constraints for the homeowner. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, the ideal action is to regularly maintain the pipes. Thanks to a specialized drain pipe camera and water leak detector, it is possible to detect all the plumbing leaks and obstructions down to the smallest detail. Speak to our Doubleview leak repair specialists for all your plumbing leak issues.

The drain pipe inspection camera is a truly innovative tool. As the name suggests, it is used to inspect the interior of pipes for any leaks, damage or obstructions. The drain pipe inspection camera makes it possible to view the state of the entire length of pipe. To do this, this small machine has a camera of 30 mm maximum hanging on the end of a long flexible cable. The captured images are retransmitted in real time to a screen that is linked by cable to the camera. To illuminate the dark areas and provide improved visibility, the camera comes with several high-performance LEDs.

Note that this technology is available in a variety of models. The model of apparatus to be used varies depending on the general condition of the pipe. Before the purchase or the construction of a house or a building, the integrity and functionality of the existing pipes are among the first elements to verify. They play an important role in the comfort and functioning of the building.

The pipelines of every home are essential to help each household to manage proper sanitary drainage. The problem is that with time, the pipes can deteriorate and become damaged over time, impairing their ability to function as desired. This is why regular maintenance must be done. By using a drain pipe camera to inspect the inside of the pipes, detection of leaks, damage or obstruction is relatively simple and completely non-invasive. Regular inspections could avoid more catastrophic damage in the future.

Prior to the introduction of pipe leak detection cameras, when you noticed a problem in a pipe, it was often necessary to break the wall or the ground to isolate the source of the issue. This made it a complicated, more destructive, and costly job that requires plumbing and reconstruction skills. The current use of our pipe leak detection cameras avoids these kinds of constraint. This also saves time: the use of the camera is indeed a quick way to more easily detect the source of the plumbing leaks in Doubleview.

Reliable and effective

Our cameras are equipped with several options that allow them to film everything that occurs throughout the length of the pipeline . These include lighting system, a long flexible cable to bend in the elbows of 90 degrees and a dashboard to display the images. The pipe leak detection cameras allow comprehensive analysis and a complete diagnosis of any issues that may occur within the pipes. Speak to our plumbing experts in Doubleview to see how our drain pipe cameras can offer you a simple, non-invasive, cost-efficient method, to detect and repair any pipe or water leak issues you may have.

Pipes that connect with the public sanitation in particular, must be checked regularly. Many problems such as possible obstructions of pipes or freezing ducts in very cold seasons can be avoided more easily by inspection of pipes by drain pipe cameras.

Regular pipe inspection by camera is also a simple and practical solution to prevent potential catastrophic pipeline problems in the future. The use of drain pipe cameras makes it possible to check the inside of pipes from time to time and to identify problems before they become complicated. It is the ideal, minimally invasive solution in the detection of pipe damage, and the prevention of future water leaks which would require extensive repairs. Speak to our expert water leak and repair in Doubleview.

The use of a drain pipe camera is an advanced means of accessing the interior of any pipes and offers the possibility of  assessing and diagnosing the origin of any damage, malfunction and obstructions that may be the cause of your pipe leaks. Also, from this process, you will be able to define the extent of a problem especially if it is partial or complete especially in a case of corrosion problem. It is a tool designed to address piping problems with greater precision and makes the job of pipe maintenance professionals much easier.


For your new, existing or rehabilitated pipes, requesting a camera inspection of your pipelines and plumbing systems, guarantees you a service with many advantages. These include being more cost efficient, less invasive, and quicker, means of water leak detection. Our Doubleview experts have years of experience in detecting leaks, servicing and unclogging sewer pipes.

State-of-the-art examination and unclogging equipment: Our devices are suitable for all types of pipelines, from the diameter of the domestic network to industrial network pipes.

Quick and urgent intervention: once the cause of the plug problem has been detected, we can repair or unplug your plumbing in a quick and efficient manner. No corrosive product is used during an unblocking operation, so no further damage is caused.

If your household has repetitive issues of water leakage or drainage issues, it is necessary to have the condition of your pipes checked. Quite often it is the result of a simple blockage that can be easily repaired, but inspection is essential to avoid future structural issues to your pipelines.

Root intrusion: In the beginning, a crack or defect in a pipe seal can allow the progressive intrusion of roots into the pipe. They grow there willingly thanks to the ambient humidity found within the pipes, and can lead to partial or complete obstruction of the pipeline. This will cause water leaks and drainage issues. A pipe drain camera can inspect and treat this issue. Speak to our Doubleview experts to learn more about this issue.

Objects hindering the evacuation of wastewater: it is common that unsuitable objects are stuck in the evacuation pipes, as unsuitable objects are flushed into toilet bowls. These include: children’s toy, sanitary napkins, deodorant product. A breakage or deformation of the pipe can negate the effect of the slope and prevent the evacuation of wastewater leading to blockage and backflow. Stagnant water generates bad odours, and the organic waste it contains eventually piles up and create a plug.

A drain pipe inspection by camera determines the exact nature and location of the problem. This is especially important in an apartment building, to specify from which housing the offending objects was involuntarily introduced.

Endoscopic examination of plumbing

A flexible pipe drain camera is inserted into the pipe via the toilets or the access chamber provided for this purpose. The size of the camera is adapted to the diameter of the terracotta pipe, PVC or concrete. The camera is equipped with lighting and continuously films its progress in the plumbing. An optical fibre cable up to 30 to 40 meters long connects it to a screen. The unblocking professional can easily and effectively visualize the source of the problem. Speak to our Doubleview experts for all of your toilet blockage needs. We are well versed in all aspects of plumbing blockages, pipe and water leak repairs.