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3 steps to choosing your gas cooktop

Are you updating your old cooktop or designing a new kitchen space? If so, there are three things to consider when selecting the right gas cooktop for your kitchen.

What cooktop safety features are included? Choosing a cooktop with safety features that take care of you in the kitchen is important. This relates to both heat control and flame failure. Check out our range of gas cooktops  for specifications or contact us for more information.

What size cooktop do I need? The size of your cooktop will be based on the space assigned and what type of cooking you enjoy. This may range from a square to rectangle cooktops or a unit that includes a wok burner. It’s worth remembering, gas cooktops have minimum distance requirements in relation to rangehoods on top and cupboards underneath. The Plumbing Bros team of qualified plumbers will answer your questions.

Always remember to measure the cut-out size of your cooktop. This refers to the hole size of the benchtop. This is crucial when selecting the most appropriate cooktop for your home. For the most accurate quoting, send us the cut-out and actual dimensions of the cooktop, as well as a photo of your existing cooktop. Using this we will find the most cost-effective solution for your kitchens requirements. Make a Booking

How many burners do I need? Typically, cooktops have 4-burners but for the wanna-be or expert in the kitchen there are a variety of options. The Plumbing Bros team are experienced installers of a wide variety of cooktops. Ask us today.

When choosing the number of burners, consider the space around them i.e. will it fit your favourite pots and pans? Is the area easily accessible for cleaning?

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