A house has many metres of pipes for both incoming fresh water and outgoing sewage. Since fresh water is under pressure, a leak can quickly reveal itself, but sewage leaks tend to be slow and cause a lot of damage before they are noticed. Hire a professional Leak detective plumber in Perth who can inspect pipes for leaks and who also know how to deal with hidden water leaks before they become floods or catastrophic underground caverns.

A problem will not always be obvious. It the leak is in the drywall, it will quickly saturate the drywall. This causes sagging and can cause discoloration if the leak is sewage. Problems like this are quickly noticed and require both pipe repair and a section of drywall replaced. This is actually a best-case scenario because leaks can do far more damage if they are in a place that the homeowner cannot see. Leak detection is one reason to routinely have pipes inspected.

A leak detective plumber can identify a leak through various tools. They can examine the water bill to see if there is any unusual usage, especially when the residents are away for a significant period or even for a few days. Another method is to test the pressure of individual pipe sections. Sometimes water is filled with dye and a single pipe section is closed at both ends in order to notice if there is any leakage and at what rate.

Between the hot water pipe and the faucets are a supposedly closed system. If there is any pressure loss anywhere in this system, then the plumber can suspect there is a leak inside the house. Hydrostatic testing is an old and fairly basic tool, but it is very useful whenever pipes are buried in places that human eyes cannot readily go.

Of course, there are other methods such as using infrared sensors and sending a laser down a pipe section to look for cracks. Another advanced specialist method of detecting a leak is to use a drone or handheld device to look for anomalies in the infrared spectrum. Different spectrum of light can reveal details about a house or underground that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A trained inspector can see if there might be a water leak in the house.

Some of the hardest leaks to detect are underground. Since pipes are kept underground to prevent them from freezing, they are covered by at least a foot of earth. Slow leaks might be very difficult to detect, although a faster leak will often form a cavity that might be visible even from the surface. In the past, it was necessary to excavate a pipe section in order to check it for physical integrity. This was expensive and difficult.

Today, pipes can be inspected using remote camera, lasers, and other methods depending on what equipment the expert has available. The future might bring ultrasound and electroscopic devices for plumbers. The point is that a pipe inspection is not as expensive as it used to be. Because it is a cheaper and simpler procedure, every homeowner should have their house inspected for leaks routinely to avoid costly repairs later.

A lot of cities lose a lot of money to water leaks, which is a preventable and fixable problem. Individual home owners also lose money to slow leaks under their feet. This is a particularly significant problem in any area where water is scarce and bills tend to be high. Even in seemingly wetter areas, water can be expensive due to large levels of consumption.

Clean water pipe leaks cost you money, but sewer leaks are also a health hazard in addition to the financial implications. Even a slow leak from grey water or toilet sewage pipe can cause foul odours and permit the growth of bacteria in unwanted places. Although sewage leaks may not be apparent immediately, they can cause nasty odours in the home or yard, and may eventually have serious adverse health implications.

High-pressure sewer jetting is the solution for quick cleaning of old pipes, but cleaned piped are also easier to inspect for leaks. Consider this the two-hit approach. First, strongly pressurized water is flushed through pipes to remove buildup, and then drain camera inspections are performed using a fiber optic camera down the sewer pipe in order to see if there are any cracks. The same tool can inspect for resistant clogs.

There are new tools to deal with sewer leaks. Rather than replacing the whole pipe, it is possible to have a sleek liner inserted into the pipe using pressurized air. The method is called a cured-in-place pipe, and the plastic liner is hardened or adhered to the original wall by one method or another. The plastic liner is very slick and sewage particles will not stick the same way it might to a metal surface.

Cured-in-place pipe is also referred to as pipe rehabilitation and it can be used with a wide variety of pipes. Clean water pipes, gas pipes, and sewer pipes can all be repaired with this method. The only real challenge is finding a pipe sleeve to match the diameter of the pipe section. It works because the pipe might not be catastrophically damaged but only slightly cracked or else weak at soldered joints. The sleeve is thick enough to help contain water pressure.

Drain camera inspection done by a qualified plumber in Perth, can be a reliable tool but depend on trained eyes in order to notice hairline cracks or else holes in soldering. The problem might be nearly invisible, but experts have seen many examples and can detect them. It is a fact that a lot of water can be lost to nearly invisible cracks. The cracks themselves arise from shifting ground, freezing, rust, and sometimes just the age of the pipe.

Pressurized water has always been an engineering challenge. Pipes are simple tools that are meant to last for decades, but problems are inevitable. It is important to have an inspection at least every few years. It pays to watch the water bill for a long time to see if there are any unusual anomalies. Water consumption during a vacation is a dead giveaway.

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