There are 3 types of certifications required and used in plumbing and gas works in WA .

Major Works Certification – this is a single per job certificate required for all hot water system installations, below ground drainage works and fixture re-locations during a renovation.

Minor Works Certification – this is a single page certificate that contains 25-line items for 25 separate jobs. All licensed plumbing works undertaken are
required to add a line item to their minor works certificate page. This includes anything from toilet and tap servicing through to full kitchen renovations where no fixture has moved.

Gas Compliance Certification – Any gas works undertaken requires a single page certificate. One copy is given to the client and the other copy is submitted to ATCO. The licensed plumber must also install a completion badge in the properties gas meter box. This is to communicate to all future plumbers what kind of gas works took place and when.

What is illegal for a home handyman (non-licensed plumber) to perform:

  • Disconnecting or installing tapware
  • Disconnecting or installing toilet components
  • Servicing of any kind
  • Gas work of any kind
  • New installation of fixtures, fittings or pipework

What is legal for a home handyman:

  • Basic dishwasher or washing machine installation
  • Relighting hot water system or gas heater pilot light
  • Manually pulling (relieving) hot water system relief valves
  • Change over cold-water filter for taps or fridge
  • Vacuuming/cleaning of plumbing and refrigeration systems

Leak Allowance Form

A leak allowance form is a form that licensed plumbers can submit to the Water Corporation to receive a rebate on a consumer water bill. This can only be submitted when a non-visible leak/burst-pipe has occurred. Plumbing Bros charge a $20 administration fee to complete and submit leak allowance forms.

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