Tap Plumbing Servicing

Tap Plumbing Servicing Guide

Procedure for Basic Tap Service

Remove tap handles and flanges to expose tap spindles

  • Once tap spindles are removed fully un-wind tap spindle from body, exposing rubber o-ring (s) to tap spindles
  • Remove o-ring (s) and renew with new o-ring(s), applying thread sealant to o-ring (s)
  • With the spindle body cleaner, fully clean body removing any debris and old lubricant
  • Once both these steps are completed screw tap spindle back into body and renew red body washer
  • VERY IMPORTANT – With a torch check over seats to breach, should there be a crack present, re-seat using re-seating tool supplied by Plumbing Bros. making sure drill is NOT on hammer
  • Once re-seated flush lines, removing any shavings by cracking open water meter
  • Re-check seats, once all OK use HYDRO-SEAL washers and re-insert spindles into breach
  • Re-instate tap flanges and handles, turning on water and thoroughly test

Ceramic Disc Tapware

  • Should we encounter any leaking ceramic disc tapware, the first point of call is to replace tap spindles. Due to the complexity of ceramic disc tapware they are near impossible to service and Plumbing Bros. will always recommend on replacement rather than service as it is not cost effective to try service. 9 times out of 10 they are unable to be repaired.


  • The re-seating process involves a tool that is fitted to a battery drill that cuts the damaged or faulty part of the seat. This tool is used to make the old cracked seat virtually brand new again. The larger the crack/groove in the seat the more time it will take to try and clean seat and more of an amount of the seat is required to be removed so that there are no more cracks left in seat. With re-seating we are only able to re-seat to a certain amount without going too far when not much of the seat is left, this is the why all dripping taps should be fixed as soon as possible. In instances where the crack/groove has gone right through-out seat there is nothing that can be done to renew or repair seat, in this instance the breech will need to be replace. (refer to breech replacements)

Changing over Tapware/Shower Rose

  • Reasons for changing over tapware rather than servicing are due to the following;
  • Age and condition of tapware: Should the tapware be aged or worn then first point of call would be to replace rather than service. Aged tapware that is just serviced normally has issues arise later and will be held accountable for any call-backs.
  • If tapware is seized and/or calcified and nothing can be done to service, then replacement will be necessary.
  • Should any tapware with anti-vandal screws which cannot be removed due to corrosion, then tap handles will need to be grinded off to remove, if this is the case client MUST be informed prior to starting.
  • Should a shower rose be leaking then first point of call is replacement. Inform client and gain approval. REMOVE any restrictors from shower heads as these will cause issues with pressure and hot water issues.

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